About Millie

Millie Savage is an Australian jeweller based in Fitzroy, Melbourne. She began by hand making her pieces in her garden shed and now works with an intimate team of female power houses in between her Bali and Fitzroy studios. Over the past 9 years, Millie has refined her technique and continues to evolve as an artist. She has trained the team in her unique approach to jewellery making. Millie works with precious stones, and has a particular obsession with opals which are custom cut, the majority of them coming from Mintabie, South Australia. Millie believes in using ethically sourced, high quality materials and has a true love for jewellery making which ensures a rad level of craftsmanship. Her unique pieces promise to be magic in your hands for years to come. Wanna get in contact? Cool, email hello@milliesavage.com